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Youth Activities

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Another critical aspect of health is recreation. In a recent CCP meeting with youth, a central topic of discussion was a lack of activities for youth on reserve. The young participants saw things like improvements to the baseball diamond and basketball court, a new youth centre, and walking and cycling trails as a way to get youth involved in more positive activities on reserve. Currently our on-reserve recreation facilities include the gymnasium and playing field at the Nc’tetkwu Band School, and a campground at Gwen Lake. However, the gymnasium has limited hours and the field and campground are in need of upgrading.

We are asking youth to come forward with feedback of what visions they have for themselves and future generations of Coldwater Youth.

Youth Advisory Planning Committee (APC)

APC workers will assist in any activity that seeks to engage young people in coordinated programs, including those which are recreational, educational, or social by nature and design. As well as assisting youth to involve themselves into a working environment, either through training or employment. To contact the Youth Workers please call 250-378-6174 and leave a message.

Coldwater Indian Band is seeking youth to form a youth committee to get involved in coordinating youth activities and future projects such as:  Youth Center, Sheeshkn, Arbor, and Interpretive Trails; and Kids Group
Planning Session, and Camping Trip. 

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